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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)

Having just seen the 5 News Update on 5+1, I noticed that the poppy now adorning the (same?) newsreader was complete with an unkeyed green leaf. Could it have been a large screen?

Presumably the green of the leaf is different enough to avoid causing issues in a CSO studio - especially for ITN's experience of using CSO.

Certainly leaves on poppies have been OK in Studio A at the Beeb

They take them off on ITV News though.
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London London
Met Office announced they won the contract.
Claire becomes new main weather presenter.

Makes sense. Clare and Kirsty McCabe who have covered for Sian in the past also have done online Met Office bulletins.

Welby will probably continue with the Health Lottery and her freelance sports presenting work.
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UTV Newsline
This is probably the best presentation for Channel 5 News that they have had in years. It has to be said it's not a bad look at all.

A lot better than the virtual set that they had previously. And the weather graphics also look great.
UBox, Stuart and Jon gave kudos