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From Monday (September 2004)

Neil__ Granada North West Today
Spencer For Hire posted:
Give it time - everything comes full circle. At some point soon the radical new fad will be having news presenters sitting down for an entire bulletin behind a desk. Crazy I know!

It's such a radical idea that North West Tonight have been pioneering it for ages.

Oh wait.

Yes, that's right. NWT = Nothing Will (Ever) Transform

13 days later

LOLthat is sooooooo true
i wish they had changed the titles to LDN i think they are muuch better or points west the old titles are stale now.
eah wehn is NWT going to get revamped??? never should we e mail them and tell them to hury up. I heard they are moving to new studios next year so maybe we will have to wait until then. I do like EMTs new look much more modern they were looking quite old and stale with the sofas and screen squished into a corner!!!
Bail Moderator Meridian (South) South Today
(Live Webcam)

(Still From Earlyer)

Why on earth is there a motorbike in the studio!?! Also doesn't it look very plain and boring when everything is turned off.
I guess the Brian Clough Tribute is an East Midlands opt-out on BBC1 at 7.00pm tonight...the region has lost one of it's true heroes today
Pete Founding member North Reporting Scotland
why do they leave the desk on?
Katherine Founding member
Hymagumba posted:
why do they leave the desk on?

In case anyone needs to do any ironing!

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