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The BBC continuing its trend of refreshing just about every one of its brands except 1 and 2.

It did 'refresh' BBC TWO, just in a retro way! Very Happy

Unfortunately the other aspects of BBC Two pres feel disjointed, especially the inconsistent logos and tired endboard, though I'd commend them for bringing back the 90s idents. And BBC One is in dire need of a refresh. Friday marks 10 years since the circles first came on screen.

They've rushed on BBC Three to give it a new identity for its online move/TV closure, while CBBC was rebranded in March. From what I'm seeing they are doing this in a brand by brand basis.

Not sure about BBC FOUR and BBC News, but I'd imagine it's unlikely that CBeebies would be rebranded. It's far too iconic for the 0-8 audience it serves for it to be changed.
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