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I would have prefered Johnathan Munro to get the job, the quality has gone up significantly on both occasions he's been covering the editorial role. By contrast, Geoff Hill has done nothing to make the Channel 5 News stand-out or even stand-up in comparison to what it was under Sky News. He made it no worse, but he hasn't made it significantly better either.

Geoff successfully handled the change of provider from Sky to ITN of 5 News seamlessly to the average viewer with the only real cosmetic changes being the relaunch of the 6.30 as NewsTalk Live and introducing behind the desk presentation for the first time recently.

5 News will have a different remit to that of ITV News and the regional London bulletin he'll soon be in charge with. What he'll bring to ITV News is his experience of providing a quality news bulletin at a much lower budget without degrading the quality, alongside mixing the serious with the more light hearted stories.

His experience will be welcome to me as a viewer of both the national and especially the London bulletin where the redundancies have degraded the quality of the bulletins.