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Bit risky having so much white on an HD set, surely - I'd imagine any dirt will really show up.

They've already made some changes to the set over the past couple of days - which aren't all improvements. The blue bit of wall on the head-to-head interview area is no longer lit up, so it's now just white and is even plainer than before. And the orange box background in the sofa area has been replaced with orange lines in the style of blinds.

The screen in the news bit is now blue, though - which looks better than what they originally had (in the cap above).

They've actually added a second floor to the set, although I don't think it's completely finished yet. I did see a different blue interview area on Thursday, though, with room for two guests - so I assume that's upstairs.
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noggin posted:
Must be an "interesting" show to produce - with most (if not all) of the VT being 4:3? I notice lots of curtains or 4:3ish boxes being used.

At least they pillarbox it with animation at the sides, rather then 14:9 crop it.