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Following the furore over the BBC’s ridiculous “censuring” of Naga over comments made about perceived racism by Donald Trump, it seems the world is up in arms over the BBC’s handling of this.

So much so, that a commons motion has just been proposed to have this matter debated in the House of Commons at some point.

Wow. Just wow!

What does this say of the BBC governance policies’ suitability for the current era?
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They should be free to call Boris Johnson a liar too.

They are. Nish Kumar made a point of it on The Mash Report :


"I am subject to so many BBC checks over balance and impartiality right now sitting here, and even I, right now sitting here, am allowed to say that [Boris Johnson is] a liar and a racist because he was sacked from his job for lying, and because he used racist language in a Daily Telegraph column in 2002."

That doesn't mean that they should name-check him as "Prime Minister Boris Johnson, liar and racist" every time he features in a news report, though. Breakfast is in a bit of an odd position, being half-news and half-One Show, and for a whole ten seconds Naga acted like a guest instead of a presenter. That's all. Quick chat with the editor, no punishment or apology needed.
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