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I can’t believe Nags has been rapped over the knuckles for those Trump comments.

I’m sure I’ve heard far worse said of POTUS by other broadcasters.
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I remember seeing that live. Naga does sometimes tend to open her mouth without engaging her brain when she deviates off script, but I don't think that particular instance was worthy of punishment
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What an absolutely idiotic decision by the BBC. I hope she isn't made to apologise - or even worse, sacked. I can see Naga Munchetty resigning in protest over this, sticking two fingers up at the corporation and swanning off to Good Morning Britain.

Talk about the BBC shooting itself in the foot. Totally unnecessarily, they may well lose a good presenter in Naga.
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She clearly has the support of her colleagues and the clip was of no editorial concern at the time, being posted on social media by BBC Breakfast and still remaining there.

As much though as she is a professional I'd love them to have a silent protest tomorrow and have 3 hours of silence on Breakfast. However given tonight's events be more interesting if they just went for it no holds barred on Boris and Trump.
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