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Murder of MP Jo Cox

(June 2016)

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Newsround's 1620 edition was wholly about Jo Cox with guest Lisa Nandy MP.

Considering Lisa was at Media City, she may have been in to record Sunday Politics North West.
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Steve in Pudsey
Just out of interest, I thought I'd watch last night's 6pm bulletin from Made in Leeds back on their catch up service, and far from the amateurish cringe-fest I feared, they've done a very decent job, the majority of it presented live from Birstall.

Part 1

Part 2

Credit where it's due, that is pretty impressive considering the shoestring budget and resourcing.
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WW Update
It still annoys me that US networks often refer to David Cameron as "Prime Minister Cameron" - which is a form of words utterly unused in the UK, but does fit with the American pattern of "President Obama".

To be fair, though, this is pretty much the standard way of referring to all world leaders: President Hollande, Chancellor Merkel, Pope Francis, Prime Minster Abe, Emperor Akihito, etc.
DVB Cornwall
As for 'Lawmaker', with the multitude of names for Parliaments globally, describing a member of a legislature as a lawmaker covers all the bases clearly and succintly for all audiences.
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Andrew Founding member
A very minor point, but I found it annoying how BBC newsreaders kept referring to Birstall as a village, and then the reporters immediately referee to it as a town. Happened on every bulletin.

I wonder how The Last Leg will tackle it tonight, as the majority of the show is usually slagging off politicians and talking about Brexit. Both off limits this week.
DAS Founding member

Easy to take this for granted - what a fantastic effort at explaining the whole story to a young audience. Awesome work.
I wonder how The Last Leg will tackle it tonight, as the majority of the show is usually slagging off politicians and talking about Brexit. Both off limits this week.

They're bound to, and while they do have a track record of being sensitive to such things, I can't help feeling I'll be watching in anticipatory dread of one of them making an unfortunate (and accidental) remark. I was a little surprised to see it'll still be going out, to be honest.

I assume they filmed this afternoon's trail last week, though it seemed like a low-key one.
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Worth noting like Jo and Brendan Cox, The Last Leg were also at the Brexit flotilla in London on Wednesday.
Andrew Neil interview this evening replaced with a Celebrity Mastermind repeat.

BBC One Wales replaced their debate tonight with network's Would I Lie To You repeat at 20:00 and then Room 101, as they are showing Love, Nina at 23:35, they have left that where it is.

BBC Two Wales have replaced their reaction programme at 22:00 (now 22:05 as BBC2 running 5 mins late) with Coast; they are showing network's Mum after Newsnight.

The signed repeat of Question Time at 2:40 tonight is replaced by Attenborough at 90.
Blake Connolly Founding member
This is the lead story on CBC's "The National" tonight.

I'm sure it was in much of the world. The first 14 minutes of tonight's main 9pm news on NHK were on this story.

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