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Moyles rapped for Will Young gay remarks

(March 2009)

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Moyles rapped for Will Young gay remarks
Monday, March 23 2009, 12:16 GMT

By James Welsh

BBC Radio 1 presenter Chris Moyles breached the broadcasting code when he made comments about Will Young's sexuality during a show broadcast in January, Ofcom ruled today.

During a discussion about celebrity birthdays at 8:15am on January 20, Moyles remarked that it was Young's birthday and then presented "alternative" versions of Evergreen and Leave Right Now.

In Evergreen, Moyles sang: "Itís my birthday, gonna wear my new dress tonight. And I smell nice. Iíve had
a shower and Iíve shaved my legs. Going out later, might go to Nob-oooh for dinner."

His adapted lyrics for Leave Right Now continued: "Oooh Will Young here, mmmmh. Iím here, itís Willís birthday and as the years go by I get more very gay. When you saw me years ago you didnít know, but now Iím the gayest fella you probably know. mmm I like to wear a silly hat, I get camper by the hour, oh would you look at the muck in here. Iím Will Young and Iím gay."

Eight people complained to Ofcom, saying that Moyles had ridiculed the singer because of his sexuality and that the remarks "were offensive and derogatory towards the gay community".

The BBC told Ofcom that Moyles' lyrics were "misjudged and unacceptable", but denied that Young was being ridiculed on the basis of his sexuality and said that "the audience in general would have been clear that such remarks were not intended to be hostile or derogatory".

The corporation added that Moyles and his production team were advised that "Radio 1 has a wider leadership role with young audiences around acceptance and tolerance towards sexual orientation Ė and they should be particularly careful not to inadvertently perpetuate certain stereotypes."

Ofcom said it would record a breach of rule 2.3 of the broadcasting code because the material "was not justified by the context and so went beyond generally accepted standards for this type of programme".
Might be worth posting this in TVF's affiliated radio forum,Birdsonginstead, as it has nothing to do with TV News presentation.
It's not really to do with News programmes, if anything it's radio.

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