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SN2005587 posts since 20 Dec 2005
OK, I can't claim to watch More4 News alot, it's abit out of my depth, but, I always like their opener where they would seemlessly zoom out of the newswall after the titles etc. I thought it worked really well.

So last night I was gonna record it, and then I found they didn't do it.

Here's the link to the video of what they actually did; click

How long have they been doing this for?
Was it just a one-off?

I learnt two new things last night, firstly, do things when yu first think of them not two months later and secondly I don't like Kylie Morris.
Brekkie31,961 posts since 4 Jan 2003
I don't watch often either, but whenever they've had they've certainly had the full titles and bed, and I can't say they'd noticeable dropped the swooping camera shot either, though I think it got a bit less seemless with the switch to widescreen.

I'd imagine they just had problems on Friday though.