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AlexS379 posts since 19 Oct 2016
Central (East) Midlands Today
I wonder if Alastair will automatically go back to the Evening News, or if ITV will use this as an opportunity to go single-headed like the rest of their bulletins?

Or ITV use it as an opportunity to poach from the BBC. Especially after last weeks news there's likely to be a couple of BBC presenters willing to get job security.
Aaron_2015818 posts since 11 Mar 2015
Westcountry Spotlight
Not too surprised considering his ousting from News at Ten but he's had a good run of 15 years or so on the flagship bulletins.

I think I'd quite like to see Julie paired up with Mary on the Evening News rather than just bringing back Alastair.

I don't think bringing back Alastair is really a long term option, especially if he wanted to semi-retire.

I agree about having Julie presenting with Mary. Considering NaT will start being shifted around soon, Julie would be better in the regular evening slot. Ranvir Singh could then take Julie's spot as stand in on the Ten.