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Jonny3,897 posts since 27 Nov 2006
Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Look North NE&C appears to have had a nifty little refresh. South East Today c.2010 title music and much, much improved title sequence, with none of the dodgy colour filters that marred the last tweak made to the 2008 titles, thankfully. The new ones end on a fab shot of the angel against a beautiful blue sky. Small adjustments to the big screen graphics too.

Top marks.
RDJ2,173 posts since 25 Oct 2003
Central (South) Midlands Today
The titles are much nicer! The current ones for the regions are edging 9 years old this year (minus any minor changes). NE & C can demonstrate how to do suitably update the titles.

The grey logos on the big screens look nice too, they just don't go with the predominantly white set.
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thedailydom4 posts since 9 Jan 2017 new member
Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
I like the new titles and music refresh. But I do think the set needs a slight refresh too - I was not keen on that backdrop behind the desk right from the start, I think they should have a live camera behind - also the lighting below the desk on the floor looks a bit untidy. I think NE and Cumbria have one of the biggest studios - a lovely big set to work in.
Critique2,961 posts since 9 Aug 2009
Anglia (East) Look East
Ooh no not a fan of those titles - as far as I can tell they're just the template for the 2008 titles but the video insert spaces have been made entirely transparent, with the white space then made mostly transparent. The endboard of the titles is okay, but generally it's just footage set to music which doesn't work that well IMO. What's with the graphic on the screens in the studio as well, it doesn't match and looks very odd being that dark grey.
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
I quite like the new titles and want to know when they filmed that shot of the Angel of the North. Think there may be a small amount of colour correction gone on there.
As much as I would like one and for them to use the large studio (I'm sure it's bigger than the Breakfast studio) to its full potential with a new set I highly doubt they'll get one. Don't think that will happen until they consider rolling out regional HD. When I was there last month there was no sign of anything in the scenery department.
Seb1,229 posts since 13 Sep 2005
London London
A real mixture of themes being used there; current headline bed of South East Today, the South Today music on the titles (which for me don't really work that well without the swirls and rings), at the mid way its a current SET sting music and to close also the current SET music.
Joe6,180 posts since 9 Oct 2005
Meridian (South) South Today
Looks brilliant. Clearly all been put together by somebody who understands branding and making something look good, rather than someone applying some random clips to a template without much thought like most other regions.


Also love the grey background for the screens, I think it provides a nice contrast to the white-dominant newsroom images.

I think it remains consistent enough to the national news to work really well.