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It’s not just the quality of the presentation that’s fallen, the quantity of news has too.

The hour long 6pm show is the only ‘news’ show broadcast (unless you count the overnight repeats).

As far as I can tell there’s no news at the weekend, just more repeats of the arts features running during the week.

According to Anthony Baxter’s Linked-in, he says he’s proud to lead a team of about a dozen people who produce the output, down from around 50 who were there at the start.
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12 people should be enough to produce a reasonable enough output. You don’t need Sky News levels of staffing to produce local TV. You just need to be creative, smart and news savvy. Sadly, the team is clearly inexperienced and has never been that fussed about producing good telly. Kill it off. It’s a waste of time.

You get what you pay for.
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Here's how LL are meeting their news minutes on Christmas Eve.

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So RadioTimes listed that London Live were showing the New Years Day Parade today. However they also stated it was a repeat. Surely even LL wouldn't show a rerun of a previous years event as this years was happening.
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I see also Cloudbass did the BBC NYE Fireworks coverage. That's been Arena's gig for a number of years until now.

Cloudbass have done the NYE fireworks since 2017 into 2018. Televideo did the Parade for 3(?) years until 2019, now Cloudbass do both. Arena still supplied the helicopter for the fireworks (and another for Sky News) and do the New Years Eve concert down the road at the Methodist Hall, though.
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