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Finally some national publicity for London Live as Sky took a London Live interview with the new Evening Standard editor George Osborne.

Their attention to detail as sharp as ever - Osbourne was Chancellor of the Exchequer not the Chancellor of the Exchecher. You'd think on an 'exclusive' (they were handed by default as their owners also own the paper) they would want to get that right.
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South East Today
A new look's coming on 31 March.

It sensibly deleted a scheduled tweet promoting a new look when Twitter users were mocking its lack of coverage of the Westminster incident.

The fact they're not live or breaking into programming, or at very least having people on the ground streaming live on Facebook and Twitter, is woeful in a situation like this. In 2017 in a city that is on a constant state of high alert, you'd think there would be a protocol for that that was good to go should anything happen.
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Shameful!!!! They are tweeting stuff now. But their response to a major incident, seeing as they are connected to the Evening Standard, is awful and appalling.
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South East Today
As the old newsroom saying goes, 'When there's a terror attack on your doorstep, show Gok Wan repeats.'

Looking online it seems that even The Indy have live streaming video up and running. It appears the only ones who can't pull of half decent broadcast on linear/non-linear platforms is the company's TV station.
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