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Westcountry Spotlight
Yorkshire opted out into the studio, West Mids opted to Patrick Burns at a counting station, East Mids, West and the nations didn't opt. Look east at a counting station in Basildon. North West at Trafford. South West at a leisure centre in Plymouth. South at Portsmouth and Oxford. North East also at a counting station.

South West are at Plymouth Life Centre.
cityprod1,949 posts since 3 Oct 2005
Westcountry Spotlight
The nations also took the BBC London centric segment.

Surely because the London picture is a particularly big story in this election.

Hardly. I don't think the London results are that big a deal this year. I think the bigger stories are in the regions, such as Plymouth, where Labour retakes a council they lost in 2016, and in Manchester, where Labour retook Trafford. Also, a bigger story is that UKIP support has, unsurprisingly, completely collapsed, and they lost over 120 councillors this time round. I would also say that the Liberal Democrats gaining 4 councils and 76 councillors is a bigger story too.
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London London
Early indications were that Labour would gain Wandsworth, Westminster and Barnet, while Kensington & Chelsea was a point of interest this year because of the Grenfell fire, which justified network providing the London-centic segment when most English regions opted-out.

However it didn't work out that way, with the real news in London coming today with the Lib Dems gaining Kingston and Richmond from the Tories, while holding Sutton.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Trouble is unless there is a significant change in seats local elections only really matter in that locality, and even then it is a stretch. As you say due to Grenfell Kensington and Chelsea was a point of interest, but in the end proved not to be. Ultimately though it's a bore draw with each manager coming out in their post match interview with the same old cliches.
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