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Central (West) Midlands Today
Of course these elections are in the main only taking place in urban and metropolitan areas, and also on top of that some councils don’t count local results overnight anymore. This means that some of these regional opt outs will have very slim pickings to talk about, especially three times, I imagine most will be ‘what is expected to happen’ talk that could have been pre-recorded.

Which explains why Patrick is in Stourbridge because while Birmingham is an all seats election due to boundary changes, they don't count overnight.

Anyone see what's gone out in the nation's, HD and NC while BBC One does its opt outs?
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Central (East) Midlands Today
Yorkshire opted out into the studio, West Mids opted to Patrick Burns at a counting station, East Mids, West and the nations didn't opt. Look east at a counting station in Basildon. North West at Trafford. South West at a leisure centre in Plymouth. South at Portsmouth and Oxford. North East also at a counting station.
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