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morgaineofevil posted:
Does anyone get the impression then tht all is not happpy in Central land/Midlands land then??

So many people seem to have left this year and its all the good presenters/reporters as well. Confused

Im wonder why Bob has stayed? Im glad he as, but surprised.
Lucy and that other guy doing the programme tonight, though he did an ok job, he does seem very young though, but it is nice to see fresh faces on central
On west it was that Asian presenter again,with Bob, i thought she did a good job tonight.
I wonder where Llewella has gone??? Its a mystery????
Looks like its the girls who rule Central East now, Lucy and Marie are a good on screen pair! I hope it stays this way!

Also the mystery to where Steve L the ex sports presenter is now acting editor or something? A nice change of career path for him, i think he'd be good at that!
Yes,it's Steve from Midlands Today! How fantastic is that? He did a great job last night! A nice big promotion for him there from sports presenter to anchor for Central News East!! Hopefully it will breathe some new needed life in the programme!