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itsrobert6,010 posts since 23 Mar 2001
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Apologies for the shameless plug, but I just wanted to flag up that I've put all 5 full ITV Evening News bulletins from the 50th birthday celebration week in September 2005 on YouTube today. I don't think the full editions have ever been uploaded before; I certainly couldn't find them on YouTube. In case you didn't know, ITV brought back 5 former newsreader to present the Evening News that week: Julia Somerville, Selina Scott, Martyn Lewis, Gordon Honeycombe and Anna Ford. I hope they might be of interest to fellow members.

Julia Somerville

Selina Scott

Martyn Lewis:

Gordon Honeycombe:

Anna Ford:

I've also got short interviews that were conducted straight after on the ITV News Channel for Julia, Selina and Martyn. For some reason they didn't post-TX interviews for Gordon or Anna. I'll upload them too if there's interest.
itsrobert6,010 posts since 23 Mar 2001
Granada North West Today
Glad you're enjoying them, Rob. I think of the 5 newsreaders, Anna Ford was probably the best. Although, she was presenting the BBC News at One at that time so was still an active presenter. The likes of Gordon and Martyn hadn't presented for quite a while and so were a little rusty - I especially like Gordon's wave at the end! Selina was pretty good too I thought.
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If the beeb can put Julia Somerville, Nicholas Owen and Fiona Armstrong back on our screens via the BBC News Channel, surely they can do the same with the excellent Anna Ford?

Probably because Anna Ford doesn't want to - she didn't exactly leave the BBC on good terms now did she?

Great post by the way itsrobert, have always hoped someone would come along with a high quality version of these Smile
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Thanks very much for uploading these, Robert.

I really did enjoy that week and looking at the video, I loved the 2004-2006 era for ITV News. Great opening titles and variation of the theme tune.
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I still reckon this was ITV's best ever presentation setup. A proper studio with walkaround capabilities, an impressive virtual screen which even today would put BBC's barcos to shame, and to be fair pretty decent reporting even if it was a bit tabloidy sometimes. The theme was also good and I liked how the there was an ending animation on the screen. The ITV rebrand didn't really help much when they went green.
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Thanks, Rob. I've been trying to find these clips for ages! Will watch them later on today. If I recall correctly, Mark Austin gives Julia Somerville a hug and a kiss at the end of the first one?

I agree that Anna Ford, again if my memory serves, was the best of all as a guest presenter.

Ah, Glorious ITN.
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I remember the Anna Ford one raised a few eyebrows at the time as she was still on BBC News at that point - however her retirement was announced shortly after so it looks like they were letting her "off the leash" as it were.
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Fantastic episodes! Glad to be able to watch them over again!

However 2004 - 2066 was the heyday for ITV News for the modern era. Everything that followed it just seems a bit lacking and boring really.

I think you mean 2004-2006 without sounding picky.

Let's see what the new era is like form January 2013; I am wondering if Granada are waiting till January to move to Salford Quays hence incorporating the new look at the same time.

This time is needs a complete overhaul; new studio, colours and graphics. Maybe a scene behind but with a propper desk and space to walk around for special reports.

I could never understand why the regional news didn't adapt the national news opening titles from 2009 with pictures of the main stories; it would be much better. In the Granada region to shot of the young couple wit the child should be updated; he will be at school now and that poor man on a bike riding form Jodrell Bank; he must be tired now Smile

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