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Please discuss rotas here, to save winding people up in the other thread.

I can't see Geriant lasting in national news, personally. He's sort of irritating.
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Like I posted in the original thread:
As we are on the subject of presenters here, is there a ranking on relief presenters so that they decide who will cover, e.g
Nina = 1, Romilly = 2.
James = 1, Steve = 2, Geraint = 3

I have only come up with these as number 1 are the presenters that relief the most.

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I would do it like this

Alister - Main M-W
Nina - Main Th
James - Main Fr
Geraint - Releif
Romily - Relief
Mary - Relief

Alister - Main
Mary - Main
Mark - Deputy
Julie - Deputy
James - Relief
Nina - Relief
Romily - Relief
Steve - Relief

Mark - Main
Julie - Main
Alister - Deputy
Mary - Deputy
Nina - Relief
James - Relief

Lucy Meacock
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Seems so messy,

Depending on How Daybreak is done someone could stay on to do a News Summary at 11.25 otherwise whoever does Lunchtime.

You need one person for Lunchtime all week mon- fri

Evening News should have 2 presenters for example : Mon - Wed Mary & Mark
Thu - Fri Al & Julie

Ten Should Have Mark & Julie Mon - Fri but normally ends up Mon-Thu
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I think it should be;

Lunchtime News - Romily with Mary/Alister/Geraint/Steve as relief presenters when needed
Evening News - Mary/Alister with Mark/Julie as first relief then Nina/Romily/James as 2nd relief
News At Ten - Mark/Julie with Alister/Mary as first relief then Nina/James/Romily as 2nd relief
Weekends - James/Geraint as the main presenter, alternating where needed. Steve/Andrea/Chris Ship as relief when neither James/Geraint available.

Nina would present London Today but would be available for Evening News or News At Ten when needed.
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no no don't have alternating on the 630 it suits the programme to have two .

if youre gonna introduce 1 for 1:30 then give it to nina or geriant .

If you meant my post - I do mean two presenters but different for each end of the week - I am struggling to explain what I meant, so I have edited original post slightly
My contribution is small but you are welcome.
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Rachel McTavish is no longer working at STV News, so perhaps would be a good candidate to rejoin ITN. I still preferred the days of Anne Leuchers, Sue Carpenter and Sandy Gall. At least in those days, there was never any doubt as to who was the top cat and who was the relief.
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