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Pushed back by another 5 mins:

We are all ready to go. ITV pushed back on air time by another five mins
less than 20 seconds ago from web

If it's much longer it won't be NAT - that's one reason to not to have the NAT brand! Laughing

I see their using the summary type titles.

I think the autoque can't be working or can't be set up in time ect. ( Julie's looking down a lot !)

Also sound slightly falied at the beginning of the first report.
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newsatten1,941 posts since 6 Nov 2008
looks like a chromakey. Definitely diff studio. Could even be somewhere like Millbank? I reckon there's been a powercut or incident at GIR

Yes it is Millback - thread has been split - please see that Very Happy

Edit : this has been moved too this new thread ( was directing people to this thread! ) Laughing