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I know who makes 'The Rundown' and I think it's a perfectly good format for Instagram and Snapchat.

I haven't seen The Rundown yet on Snapchat but I expect to see it there soon if it is popular enough on Instagram.

It’s been on snapchat since launch, definitely is there now

A search for 'The Rundown' an American celebrity/showbiz roundup by E! News, and searching ITV brings back a show by Cosmopolitan about Ex-Islanders.

EDIT: Just found it, but the bulletin is sent through a profile "itv.news" which seemed dodgy when the two reccomended underneath were "itv-news" and "itv-news-for-you".
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Having checked in on this today, the presenter (Amani Ibrahimi, who also produces the bulletin according to her twitter) appears far more confident in delivery. Much improved.

I wonder if she has been given some advice/training from ITN colleagues - if so it appears to be working.
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Having now watched the bulletin in full, I agree that the presenter probably could do with pausing slightly between sentences. However, I don't agree that Newsround should be modelled. Newsround is aimed at 6-10 year-olds, whereas this is for 14-17 year-olds. The presenters of Newsround sound pretty patronising,

Patronising? Have you ever watched a full bulletin? Those young presenters on NR have a difficult job writing and producing copy to an audience where news isn't the most important thing in their lives and when they do have to explain some very serious news to kids, they do that exemplary. It's a challenging job for a journalist to provide news for that demographic which actually goes up to 12 year olds (it used to be 15 when CBBC catered to teenagers).

Going back to The Rundown. Does it really need the presenter to be in-vision? They could easily narrate the bulletin and let the pictures and captions tell the story.

I don't envy them at all, My strongest memory of Newsround is them explaining 7/7 the day of, or the day after it happened.

And then CBBC had that one-off drama a year or so later which followed a group of Muslim (or Sikh) kids on the day. "I'm not letting any of your kind on my bus" is a line that sticks with me.

I remember that drama but not that part.
Newsround surely aired on 7/7 as the CBBC was moved to BBC2 I think
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Clearly trying to appeal to a younger audience but young people won't be following ITV News in the first place and will it really tempt them in?

I read somewhere they're increasing bulletins from five to seven days a week from 2020 so they must be happy with its progress. They're getting about 10,000 views a day with a recent edition covering Harry & Meghan getting 48,000.
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Now live, The Rundown has been created after research with the target age group of 14-17 year olds and is tailored to suit their style of news consumption, whilst meeting the same high broadcasting standards as ITV News.


Would they not have been better though to setup it up as a new service / account - rather than make it part of ITV News which 14-17 year olds are not following?