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And then CBBC had that one-off drama a year or so later which followed a group of Muslim (or Sikh) kids on the day. "I'm not letting any of your kind on my bus" is a line that sticks with me.


That Summer Day; written about kids in London whose parents were at work, and some who were of asian descent and how they were treated (it's been 13 years since it aired so I couldn't tell you the ins and outs)
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Some technical engineer in the early days of smart phones spent ages enabling screen rotation so videos could be watched and filmed the way it should be.

Well, complete waste of time it seems. Rolling Eyes
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I think NBC does or did something like this on snapchat. Similar feel.

It’s called Stay Tuned and apparently averages according to Comscore averages between 25-35 million viewers a month. It’s also “simulcast” on Instagram @StayTunedNBC. They aren’t shooting this content with a phone. Usually they use a high end DSLR that has video options or use a studio camera, both of which they mount on the sides.

There owned stations also do some sort of StayTuned on the station’s Instagram pages usually it’s a round up of the stories and weather. Sometimes they use on air talent but other times they use a “hip” millennial dressed casually. One @nbcbayarea is pretty good and they actually have a weekly feature where viewers can submit questions for an expert guest (lawyer, doctor, politico of some sort.) As for affiliates producing the features they typically use the studio cameras and in post they crop it to be 9:16 aspect ratio, so the video quality of the talent isn’t the best.
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I don't see the point of this. I'm a teenager but I'm fine with the regular ITV news.

The challenge for news providers in the modern age is to target audiences who wouldn't normally watch news bulletins, so you have the BBC with Victoria Derbyshire and Newsround, both targeting those hard to watch demographics, so ITV are also attempting that with this on Instagram.
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That being said, I am also a TVForumer and my IQ is about 122. Wink

You know you don't have to drop in a little nugget of personal information about you in everything you say. E.g.
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I have compulsive obsessive personality disorder, by the way

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I'm a teenager, but this has absolutely no appeal to me whatsoever.

or even
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In case it was not clear, my gender is FEmale.

Unless you're annoying or say something that's just wrong, we're not bothered who you are or what's wrong or right with you. Just take part in the conversation.
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