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ITV News expands online | #itvnewsoriginals

ITV News is launching three online-only shows in a major overhaul of its digital strategy (November 2017)

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ITV News is to make a major strategic move by launching three new digital-only programme formats, hosted by high-profile presenters Robert Peston, Julie Etchingham and Rageh Omaar.

The large investment is a signal of the repositioning of ITV News as more of a cross-platform service, focused beyond the confines of its scheduled television bulletins.

Until now, the 50-year old news brand has been more cautious in digital spending than some of its broadcast news rivals.

The step change is the first major play by ITV News’s new head of digital, Stephen Hull, who it recruited from Huffington Post six months ago.

In his first media interview in the role, Hull explains the strategy to The Drum, saying the portfolio of digital-only programmes helps ITV News to be “distinct” in a tough and saturated news market. “Being able to use our on-screen talent opens the door for us to do so much more,” he says. “The ambition is to have a lot more of these with lots of specialists all the way through next year.”
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Didn't see this coming.
What, no 'Ask a Man with Alastair Stewart'. Wink
I give it six weeks then they go on a break and forget to come back.
dvboy posted:
I give it six weeks then they go on a break and forget to come back.

Would be 6 weeks to long for 2 of them...

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