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Seems to be any excuse now - think that's the third time in two months and I suspect they'll abandon it on Grand National Day as well. Wouldn't be surprised to see weekend regional news scrapped completely before long, and if that happens the off-peak weekday bulletins would be next, though I suspect the 6pm programme would be too big a PSB commitment to get rid of - for now anyway.

Then if that was to happen a lot of regional news reporters, newsreaders, camera men/women, producers, journalists, weather forecasters, etc losing there jobs.
Certain regions have freelance presenters who only present on weekends.
UTV Newsline
I wonder will anyone bother to complain to Ofcom about ITV dropping the regional news on several weekend days so far this year.
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Im guessing they will keep the regional weather even if they axe the regional news at weekends. Afterall they have always had regional weather after the late news at weekends. Does anyone know if they managed to fit in regional weather on Saturday either before or after the rugby? I know there was the usual weather after the late news.
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Exact wording of the Ofcom licence (taken from ITV Yorkshire's in this example)

Regional programmes

In delivering the requirements set out in Condition 10, the Licensee shall ensure that programmes included in the Regional Channel 3 Service comply with the following:

(1) The Licensee shall ensure that the Licensed Service includes the total amounts specified below of first-run regional programmes for each of the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire East sub-region and the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire West sub-region to be broadcast between 9.25am and 12.30am.

Channel 3 Regional requirements:

Weekly Average (hours and minutes over a Calendar year excluding Bank Holidays and Christmas)
Yorkshire and Lincolnshire East sub-region
News 2:15* Other 0:15** Total 2:30
Yorkshire and Lincolnshire West Sub-region
News 2:15* Other 0:15** Total 2:30
(*2 hours and 9 minutes when averaged over a full Calendar year which includes Bank Holidays and Christmas, during which time news schedules may alter but bulletins must continue to be included at intervals within the period between Christmas Eve and the New Year's Day holiday. **Other regional programmes may be delivered in programmes that otherwise consist of news)

In delivering the requirements set out in paragraph (7)(1) above, the Licensee shall ensure that:
(a) save where affected by Bank Holidays and Christmas and where early evening news patterns may be disrupted by live news or sporting events of national importance, at least 1 hour and 25 minutes of the total amount of regional news are broadcast per week, averaged over a calendar year, in Peak Viewing Times; and
(b) during the period 5:00pm to 11:30pm, at least 14 minutes of regional programming other than news are broadcast per week averaged over a Calendar year (excluding Bank Holidays and Christmas).


Therefore they are basically getting away with it as it says that there may be periods when sporting events disrupt the early evening news pattern, and on those occasions it isn't explicitly said that any regional news has to be provided.
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Granada North West Today
This evening's Tonight programme special 'Terror in London' appears to feature a re-lit GMB studio, Studio 5. I believe in the wake of the 2011 riots Tonight had an in-studio special. I wonder whether the entire programme will come from Studio 5 this evening.
This image was taken from the ITV News website.
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