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UTV Newsline
I though Alastair Stewart left ITV news?

That was a misunderstanding that I caused by suggesting that it was time for Alastair to retire.

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I much prefer the lunchtime news at 12.30 and the regional update at 12.55.

I remember when we used to have regional bulletins at 9.55, 11.55, 13.20 and around 15.15 as well. Now there seems to be a large gap after GMB bulletins until the lunchtime bulletin.
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Central (South) Midlands Today
12.30 is a much more natural place for the Lunchtime News to be at.

Plus it could be the one and only bulletin to be broadcast before the BBC, which would really help with the ratings.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
The local weather also still airs just before 4pm I think. Odd we still get the weather whilst they axed the actual local news during mid morning and mid afternoon. Unless its cos the weather gets sponsorship?

I guess with so much news online now it makes sense they got rid of so many bulletins, and they are always promoting the ITV Wales website and twitter/facebook etc on the bulletins, assume other regions are the same.
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Exactly the regional forecasts only remain due to making money from sponsorship.

I still think they should make more of the regional lunchtime bulletin (if you can call it that) 4 and a half minutes is pathetic.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
I totally agree. If we cant have a mid morning bulletin to bridge the gap between the last GMB bulletin at around 8.15 and the lunchtime news at 13.55 we should at least get a proper lunchtime bulletin.

4 mins including the weather and opening/closing titles etc only leaves little more than 2.5 mins for actual news. They hardly ever do longer reports now, just a roundup of 5 or 6 headlines, or 1 report and then 1 or 2 other headlines.