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I get the feeling Lucrezia might be on instead of Alastair tonight.

You didn’t see her doing the Evening News during the week very often, and after his long stint over new year he did say he wouldn’t be back until ‘the end of the month’ which is basically now.
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Central (East) Midlands Today
Kylie Pentelow has presented her last ever Wales at Six. Is she now moving to Grays Inn Road permanently?

I'd guess she's moving back to ITV Westcountry. She was only maternity cover for Andrea Byrne, I think.

Her pinned tweet from the start of December confirms that the plan was for her to return to Westcountry in early February so no reason to think that has changed.
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Noted in the Alastair Stewart thread, but I had no idea the Daily Mail had a 20% stake in ITN! You learn something new every day.

How long has this stake been in active?

Edit: since 1996 apparently.

Indeed, here is an article from the time.

Interesting turnover and profit figures for ITN back in 1995. 17% profit isn’t bad at all.

I’d forgotten about the Dacre Brothers.
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