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Granada North West Today
Mary Nightingale is presenting the Evening News from Brussels this evening, but during the precom sequence, we caught a very brief glimpse of Duncan Golestani sitting in the studio in London. Did he present London Tonight beforehand? Or is he there for the late London Tonight?
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Either Joel Hills has let something slip or he’s made a big mistake, as when reporting on Mothercare going into administration he kept accidentally saying Boots.

Probably confusion. Boots are doing poorly but not at collapsing levels - slow process of store closures announced recently so nothing embargo I think.

Mary issued an apology for the mistake at the end of the programme.
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Central (South) Midlands Today
Mary had to make a clarification at the end to say that Boots was not in administration.

That's the second clarification I've seen ITV News do in as many weeks. Kylie Pentelow had to clarify and apologise at the end of a Saturday bulletin about two weeks ago about a mixup between a murder and a manslaughter charge.
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Meridian (South) South Today
Sad news that former ITN newscaster and reporter Richard Lindley has died aged 83.

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Granada North West Today
Sad to hear about Richard Lindley. I've got his book about ITN somewhere, it was a good read from what I can remember.

While we're on the subject of ITN in years gone by, I've come across a newly uploaded video that is the earliest example of a News at 545 bulletin that I've ever seen. It's from 1977 and is from the time when Alastair Burnet was still at the helm. Sadly, it's only the closing moments, but interesting to see the wideshot of the studio and the luminous pink/purple (can't quite tell which due to my colour blindness) background behind Alastair. It seems they made some tweaks to the bulletin's presentation at some point by the early 1980s.

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