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UTV Newsline
It's been the case all month. On Tuesdays too with a 90 minute drama repeat also cut by 10 minutes.

I don't watch ITV much, this is why I didn't notice. ITV is not my first channel of choice and certainly don't mull over schedules every day. I just ask the question, why do they bump the news to this weird slot on a Friday, and not consider just airing it at 10.00pm as usual. Just an observation, an opinion, which I wanted to share.

Well for someone who claims not to watch ITV much, you don't half go on and on about it. Just an observation.

Here we go again. You just can't type anything on here without someone complaining. Tell me again, what is the point of TV Forum? Isn't it to give your views and opinions? It seems this remit is getting watered down, as whatever you comment, there is always someone ready to whack you down.
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Duncan Golestani reading tonight's bulletins. First time I've seen him - looks like he tends to freelance as reporter/trainer for ITV News and newsreader for the BBC.

He's presented a few ITV News bulletins before, it's been a while since he's been on ITV News though.

I think I’ve seen him host weekend/holiday lunchtime ones before (that don’t count), but it’s the first time I’ve seen him hosting a proper bulletin.
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Granada North West Today
John Ray is to (or may have already) vacate the Africa Correspondent role and return to London. He was reporting on the top story tonight and was live in the studio. Be interested if he comes back to general reporting or indeed a specific brief- he has covered diplomacy, politics and UK Affairs in the past.


Penny Marshall is to replace him

Be interesting to see if Penny is replaced as Social Affairs Editor. They currently have Emily Morgan and Rebecca Barry who do a lot of work on the health and social affairs brief as Correspondents. Whether they simply just keep them as Correspondents for this area or promote one or both (one to health Editor, one to SA) remains to be seen. The Health Editor brief seems a incongruous one at ITV News. Both Rachel Younger (now a general Correspondent) and Catherine Jones (returned to 5 News) appeared to vacate it after short tenures and without explanation.