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kernow1,222 posts since 18 Jan 2006
Updated social media icons for ITV regions

Seems to be based on the icon which was introduced by ITV News in December last year.

All regions except Border and Meridian have updated their profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter.
RDJ2,656 posts since 25 Oct 2003
Central (South) Midlands Today
Granada Reports haven't changed either.

Even though the titles are 6 years old they still look relatively modern and fresh for the regions. A minor revamp may be on the cards, though I'd say the National News is more in need of that.
Central News South
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Lou Scannon1,049 posts since 1 Jan 2016
HTV West Points West
I'm in favour of the ITV plc regions keeping the exact same title sequence template as currently, but some refreshes to the images therein.

The antepenultimate image in the West Country East (i.e. "HTV") titles is an Infant School-age (I think) boy by the water cascade thingumies in Bristol's Millennium Square. He's probably doing his GCSEs by now!

I wish that the ITV national news would have an entirely physically real set.
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seamus1,637 posts since 24 Apr 2006

I wish that the ITV national news would have an entirely physically real set.

Why? The regions do and with the exception of Granada they look ****.

The regions would look great if they’d put the screens in properly!

It is truly one of the most ghastly set designs I've ever seen - it's as if they didn't budget for screens correctly in the tender process, but proceeded with rolling it out across the UK instead of going back to the drawing board.