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I wonder if it will be a normal bulletin or written in the Tom Bradby News at Ten style

His opening line was something like ""Give us your fish or we'll force you to stay in the backstop forever!" DEMANDS French President Macron", so certainly a strong flavour of Bradby in the intro at least.

At least it wasn't "Have you ever imagined a bridge MAY DROP beneath you?!" I guess.
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Worth reading the transcript - a couple of mentions of ITV News doing well with audiences in the North and it seems she sees her reduced role on News at Ten as helping to strike a better work/life balance rather than a demotion.
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A 'TVS Production' credit on some footage during the report on Baroness Trumpington's death on tonight's News at Ten.

And so it begins...

Are you suggesting Baroness Trumpington may have been keeping the TVS archive paperwork in her basement perhaps?
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