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It seems to keep in with their 'normal' daytime schedule on bank holidays for a normal lunchtime and evening edition of the regional news.

The 6pm bulletins did seem padded though on Good Friday with packages produced before the day.
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Loose Women did an extended slot on both Good Friday and today meaning the lunchtime news was scheduled from 1:45-1:55 so I’m guessing a 8-10 minute update, local news at lunchtime was scheduled for the same slot so regions have just lost their late update on both bank holiday over Easter as GMB was on air with regional updates this morning.
Even if the 6pm regional programmes were padded out with extra fluff packages it’s good to see them doing a full regional programme, of course this could just be a consequence of the lack of half hour filler shows though, I’m sure there’s a half hour You’ve Been Framed that someone could of found.
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It seems only the festive period is the time where all the schedules get thrown into a mess. From around December 23rd to January 2nd it is a complete muddle of what is on and where. Maybe they have learnt this lesson and decided to try and keep a sense of normality for bank holidays and Easter.