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Anyone see the road accident in the background during the live from St Pancras on tonight's ITV News. A motorcyclist hit a pedestrian. Hopefully all ok
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Surely what Ria did was more professional. She would have had talk-back in her ear, while reporting on the Channel Tunnel story. She probably wouldn't have known what was actually happening behind her - she couldn't stop mid-report and start asking what was going on.
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Exactly - it's easy to see how she wouldn't have realised that was going on behind her and one thing I learned from the 24 Hour Text Santa is the newscasters in the studio don't listen to a word the correspondents are saying when throwing to them live.
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If I'm in the right area, I think the road here is one of those modern environments where the pavement and the road is all at the same level all paved in the same material, so if you've just walked out of the station, you might not immediately realise you are in a road.

It's a shared space in terms of paving, there is a tactile kerb and traffic light controlled crossing (puffin crossing) - it's meant to be a 3 way junction past the German gym but that's yet to open, last week the traffic lights weren't working. The issue is nobody travelling out of the station (King's Cross or St Pancras) uses it properly (whether they don't wait for the green man, or don't look before crossing - it is marked 'LOOK RIGHT/LEFT' on the ground). In fact some people walk across it texting, even though there is a clear red man stopping them.

The bollards are right up to that kerb (and indicate the end of the railway environment). Accidents on Pancras Road are very common! Usually it's pedestrian vs. Black Cab who fly through the red light (because the stop line is further back than you'd expect, due to the shape of the three way junction) and don't see that a crowd of people are about to step out!
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