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'State of the art' - err where?

Cheap theme music, the most fake looking set I've ever seen, and music someone could have composed using an 80's bontempi! What a let down!

I was always a fan of the old ITN voice-over intros, but this sounds really amateur.

To sum it up - P*ss poor.
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I quite like the music. Not because it's anything special in itself, but because it's more of a departure and they've used a lot less of the 'usual' known theme for a change. There's only so many times you can remix and retweak the same music before it starts to become tiresome (BBC take note).

As for the titles and set... not impressed, but it's exactly the sort of thing I'd have expected given the branding of the channel. Stick a load of yellow lines over the top of some stuff, and job done!

At least they kept the very subtle nod to big ben in there, to Anglia Knight degrees. Laughing
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They seem to have 'done a Bill' and ruined the theme music but apparently kept a subtle 'nod' to the classic old theme.

For goodness sake, the titles are stupid and boring and I hate the way the ITV News logo zooms in and then goes to the left, it looks very Windows Movie Maker. The 'hero' panels are very Channel 4 News, the latter of whom use the concept much better.

The set is vile, it looks too flat and fake. The whole idea of virtual sets is to make the set look spectacular yet look real, this doesn't work. It is not all doom and gloom from me though, I like the voiceover.
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I don't know what to say Shocked

The titles are shocking, the music I just don't like - and the set! I thought the map would animate.
Graphics are okay, voiceover is OTT.

I still do like the concept of the set though, hope it's a little better at 1.30
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As I'm now seeing the captures, as well as other members' thoughts, I can say...

Strangely, I do like the new music (expect the final bit on the titles - a bit out of tune). The set looks for me more 'real' than previous (probably because there's not much place for the presenter to sit now). Titles... well, do look a bit strange with the camera - would be better to make less rotations and straight to the point, a la Channel 4. Graphics... probably it'd be better to minimize opacity, because of...

Arrow ...this. Couldn't manage to see the whole name at first sight.

The only thing I can not understand: expect yellow colours, HOW does it connect ITV News with ITV1?
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It actually looks and sounds not too bad. I really like the new music ... I don't think it's a radical departure from the classic theme, and most people would probably still recognise it as the ITV News theme. Studio looks ok, but not sure about the fake studio lights ... either show the real ones or don't bother because they don't look right.
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It all feels OK to me, not too bad, but not great, but it does beat the last ITV News look, it just doesn't look like it's going to beat the last News At Ten look, I'll be disappointed to see the same at 10pm if it's the same as 5.30 this morning.

And the voiceover sounds remarkably like Trevor McDonald, even though it isn't.
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I think it looks fantastic. Love the music with its echos of the old ITN theme and the set's amazing. The voiceover is very clichéd though and the main studio presenter shot seems to lack depth, but it's difficult to judge on such a short clip. A big, clean improvement from the old set that was so busy and cluttered.
Love the way so many people seem to dismiss this as a total f-up.. so Daily Mail.
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They've done exactly what some people wanted, bringing back the voiceover, more authoritative music etc yet noone is still pleased. I don't mind it but I do prefer the old one. Its nothing spectacular, nothing awful, except for this shot which is simply vile

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