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As is tradition, we'll be locking the existing ITV News and NAT topics and open this one up just before 5.30am Monday to discuss the new look.

I think it's sensible to initially keep all discussion to the one topic and look at maybe opening up a generic News at Ten thread again at some point in the future.

Roll on Monday...

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Just as I expected, I love it. Especially the titles. Music changed from what I heard, lost it's techno sounds.
The astons changed design too, to a worse design. It covers most of the screen, yuk.
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I think this is one of those unfortunate situations where the last look (especially NaT) was so accomplished whatever followed it was bound to be slightly underwhelming.

The new look is very polished and, given time, will prove to be a step in the right direction; had it arrived before the February changes I'd hazard a guess that it would have been even better received.
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The titles are hilarious - it's like someone's desperately trying to find their way out of a dark room.

Music sounds like a parody of the old music.
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I agree,
The whole thing seemed like it was out of a film. Infact if anyone as seen the film V for Vendetta it reminds me of the fake News Service that features in it.

As for the opening, the idea is good, however the animation camera work seems a bit violent and I think the panels would be better used with clips/images from todays news instead of generic images.

I do like the transition from Titles to Studio however the studio I think looks too fake, ITV News love their virtual sets but I think it would be nice to see more real sets. Channel 4 seem to be able to do it under ITN so why can't ITV News.

I suppose we cant draw to a final conclusion until at least the end of today after the different programs including News at Ten, and also its only the first day. Maybe like GMTV as the days and weeks go on changes will be made.

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