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If it was for any other pre-recorded programme I would agree, but this drama is something else and I think when it comes to this one I think we can let it slide.

The trouble in 1999, was all down to Carlton TV.

I'd say the total opposite, if the drama doesn't fir the hour (or half hour) slot preceding the news, then it shouldn't be there. A pre-rec entertainment show that delays the news is acceptable IMO.

I get the feeling alot of people would highly disagree with you. on this point.

IMO, a drama can be written for a slot. An entertainment show, live or pre-rec, can be given a slot but interviews/performances etc can run on and on, delaying the next programme. A drama has no excuse to delay anything, especially the news.
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I see this evenings bulletin is using the main weekday desk instead of the smaller weekend and LT desk.
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They do every Sunday. As someone explained not that long ago the Saturday bulletins use the lower desk as the newsreader also does London Tonight, but they don't on a Sunday.
It's great that everybody gets sarcasm.
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9 years, wow. It was supposed to go off air in the new year but I think they closed early so people didn't have to work over Christmas. That last programme was actually quite informative, and more than you would have ever expected from ITV really, but I guess that's because it was ITN who were responsible for the channel's output.
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