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Advert break? (September 2004)

itsrobert Founding member Granada North West Today
I haven't seen the ITV News at 10.30 for a couple of weeks, and I noticed tonight that they did a coming up sequence as usual, but rather than playing the precom sting and going for an advert break, they just played the shorter sting and cut back to Trevor, who carried on with the rest of the day's news. How long has it been since they ditched the break in the News at 10.30? Or, was this just a one-off?
Londoner London London
For a few weeks they've been varying the pattern of breaks - sometimes having a break in the 6.30 bulletin instead of the 10.30

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Nick Harvey Founding member West Country (East) Points West
itsrobert posted:
In future, any newcomers -- it might be worth doing a quick search of the forum before posting an item, although there's no need to go right back -- just a brief search of, say, the last month's posts would suffice.
Cerulean Sunrise
Laughing irony is so ironic
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Cerulean Sunrise posted:
Laughing irony is so ironic

Same word stem and everything... that's ironic.
itsrobert Founding member Granada North West Today
Doh! Alright -- you've caught me out there!

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