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Dedicated intro with dedicated titles, branded ITV News Northern Rail Special. Indeed considering they easily update the titles for specials would be nice to see all the ITV regions get refreshed images.
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They have a small self contained Northern network in Tyne Tees area which hasn’t been effected, so I’m guessing they got their normal programme.

Of course Transpennine Express has been all over the place over the last few weeks as well, and that could have been a way of including Tyne Tees, but the media haven’t noticed that yet. It took them about a week to notice it wasn’t just Thameslink and Great Northern effected, so maybe they will notice that by next week.
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I actually thought the ITV continuity leading in to the programme was going to be something completely generic, given it started off with that old classic 'now the news where you are', but it then continued to acknowledge the special show.

The opening, for those who missed it this evening (and don't just have access to the full show anywhere else):-

So... has anyone played the fun game of working out where all the location co-ordinates from the titles are, and seeing if they are pan-regional too?
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