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Anglia (East) Look East
Former Anglia Reporters Take Legal Action On ITV Over Age Discrimiation

TWO former Anglia TV reporters are today launching legal action against the broadcaster over claims they were victims of unfair dismissal and age discrimination.

Dianne Stradling and Rebecca Atherstone, who are in their 50s, claim they were made to re-apply for their jobs - only to be allegedly rejected in favour of younger women.

The allegations relate to the major restructuring of Anglia TV earlier this year when around 30 jobs were cut as part of plans to merge its east and west programmes.

Source: Evening Star - Local Newspaper for Suffolk and Norfolk
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Heard a report on Anglia News last week by an Angela Johnston. Could this be the same AJ who worked as a reporter and presenter for Lookaround at ITV Border ?

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Source: Evening Star - Local Newspaper for Suffolk and Norfolk

purlease....Evening Star - Local evenin rag for Ipswich and a couple of villages nearby. Wink
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Any idea when Anglia News will be getting the Black & Yellow treatment?

They must be the only region left who are still using the old blue titles and set lighting.

And technically, even if they are not fully ITV Plc Channel still use the teal look.

Just Titles and Astons, not the set.
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