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I have a question about the ITN World News. Was there ever any consistency as to who presented the bulletin, or was it just one of the newscasters on duty that day?

Here's a version with Julia Somerville whom I don't recall presenting it back in the day.

Please excuse any typing errors. I am on my third butterfly keyboard (Mac). An update is due the minute what I want is released. Smile
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Well around that time period I have seen examples presented by Julia Somerville, Alastair Stewart and Trevor McDonald. Didn't it go out at 2200 CET? I'm not sure if it was live or recorded as live, though. Either way, I guess it could have been the News at Ten co-presenter? That's just a guess, though. I know it was taped because it used to be replayed as part of the Morning News.

A little later than that, from about 1993/94 I think it had some dedicated presenters again. I've seen examples with Guy de Faye, Richard Lindley, Selina Scott and others. By 1995 I think it had settled down to Katy Haswell most of the time before Daljit Dhaliwal took it over in its later years. And, of course, John Suchet kicked it off in 1987 as "Super Channel News".
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For those of you missing Newsknight.........

Moira, John Suchet and, now, Sir Trevor at Classic FM! Lock that dial.
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