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Another question, about ITN World News.

What time did it go out, and was it broadcast live? Also, were the likes of Daljit Daliwell assigned specifically to present the show, or did they just do it as an addition to their other ITN roles (i.e. presenting C4 News).

I believe it was live at 22:30 (UK) 17:30 (EST) I think Daljit was the main presenter hence why she was fairly well known in the states.

Thankyou. I was also about to ask a question in another thread about why News at Ten didn't adopt the general look in the 90s or use the main ITN Newsroom - but as the World News used the main ITN studio I think you may have just answered it.

What happened after 1999 though? From things I've read the ITN World News continued until 2001. I know the ITN studio remained for some time as the ITV Morning News continued to come from it (for some strange reason!), then in 2000 it was finally removed to make way for the ITN News Channel. Did they use the ITN NC studio for it?

I think they used the ITV News studio when the ITN NC launched. ITV Nightly News was on then at just after 11:pm so it would have made sense but im not sure on this. I think the reason the "old" ITN news studio was used for overnights and the early morning news until the News Channels launch was because it was a simpler set up to operate. No fancy graphics machines etc to use.