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Presentation wise, ever since 2013, Red Bee, who is in control of the presentation/output of WN has been abruptly/sharp cutting into breaking news coverage from recorded programmings without any continuity VOs or whatsoever just like the video above, switching abruptly from the Travel Show to Studio E's feed...

Since WN has a presentation suite like BBC One does, I think they should at least have a pre-recorded continuity VO announcing something like "Stay with us now for a BBC News Special" or play a short "Live Coverage" sting like below back in 2011 to alert viewers they are interrupting programming...

Another example of WN "sharp-cutting" to Studio E's feed, without the presenter of Focus of Africa mentioning to viewers they are breaking away...

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In that last example, it's likely the feed of Focus on Africa continued elsewhere for the sake of the partner stations that were carrying it live or recording it for later transmission. As discussed elsewhere recently, even if BBC World News breaks away for news, Focus on Africa is still broadcast.
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BBC World News
So, last night as I was trying to sleep Sky News seemed to be on a push alert spree. I think I counted four - three for the Sky News app and another on Apple News. They were all about Harry arriving in Vancouver:

“Happily Ever After? From a blind date to their move in Canada, the story of Harry and Meghan” -

“Buckingham Palace reviewing how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be referred to after Meghan “Given title of divorced woman”” - this was apparently sent several hours before in the Sky News app but I got it in the middle of the night alert on Apple News.

“The Duke has landed in Canada - but Harry and Meghan’s future is still up in the air”

“Prince Harry pictured arriving in Vancouver to begin new life with Meghan” - Apple News.
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