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After a quick glance at what the Royal Rota is which seems to be just a pool reporter rotation for engagements. I don’t see how Harry and Meghan stepping back will effect their coverage they’re stepping back but sounds like it’s like they weren’t hosting many events by themselves before.
Don’t let anyone treat you like you’re a VO/SOT when you’re a PKG.
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I don’t think the interview with Gayle King will happen. My guess is the Queen will demand no more press interviews in return for keeping their titles and scrapping legal action against the press.
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What time do the events of today begin and are there any special news programmes?

This is not the X Factor, don't expect the Queen to stand in front of a collection of microphone outside Sandringham and take questions from the press.

It's not a life changing sequence of events as far as most people are concerned. If Prince Charles had done it or even the Queen herself then yes, otherwise... I suspect (as Jon said above) the media are probably more concerned than the public at large.
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As Harry is not even the spare heir anymore, it's not affecting much.
There is more chance of me winning a tap dance competition in the Isle of Man than Harry becoming King.
(I don't tap dance, and have never been to the Isle of Man).
It does look as if the News is getting excited during a cold week after Christmas when there is nothing else going on it the world.
(Smacks head and tap dances away from the computer towards the Isle of Wight.)
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This shows the importance of broadcast media - who get the main point of the issue rather than the print media who on this issue all spinning to suit their agendas