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ITN / BBC Bust-Up

(February 2013)

JamesWorldNews STV Central World News
I know this is not pres, but the spat between BBC's Peter Rippon and almost everyone at ITN is really lively at the moment on twitter. Newsnight Rippon apparently made some harsh and unsubstantiated allegations about the quality of ITN journalism. ITN folk have responded in angry terms.

Anyone got access to the document/link/report where Rippon made his allegations?

To suggest that ITN comprises weak journalism is an outrage, IMO.
@JamesWorldNews | #StayHomeSaveLives
I smell a Public Apology on the wind.
George Hill Reporting Scotland
I think the suggestion was that the BBC had higher standards than ITN - not that ITN was weak - if anyone else sees the subtle difference.
Cando London London
If you read it in context, he says generally the BBC require more evidence and sources before it takes on a story. Which is notoriously true. Even the smallest of breaking news has to be double sourced for the NC while Sky News is nearly always single sourced.
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