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Irish General Election

BBC Parliament retransmitting RTE (February 2011)

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Live at five with Jeremy
Ive been watching all the platforms today and RTE radio has been far the most impressive. Sean O Rourke has outshined Bryan Dobson, Pat Kenny and Vincent Browne. Their coverage has been exceptional and worthy of every acolade possible.
Steve in Pudsey
Did Parliament put their lower thirds on for the entire RTE coverage? Quite self explanatory to see that it was Live RTE coverage of the Irish election.

They dropped it a little while after RTE started the running totals graphic and brought out the LIVE bug.
rdd Founding member
I had neglected to mention that John Bowman is involved in RTÉ's coverage, albeit as a panelist rather than in his usual role of anchor.

The One O'Clock News today used captions that animated like the election captions, but were coloured in the normal RTÉ News colours.
DVB Cornwall
RTE have just wrapped up their 'continuous' coverage.
rob Founding member
Coverage of the Irish Election at TV Live

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