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Oklahoma City Tornadoes - Rolling Coverage on all OKC tv stations right now (3:26 UK time). The lead meteorologists are not on air but the early morning breakfast meteorologists are anchoring coverage as there were already on air from doing their respective breakfast broadcasts. Some stations have dispatched their choppers and their road crews fanning out to the provide live coverage.
KWTV - 9 (chopper is providing sky coverage)
KFOR - 4
KOCO - 5
KOKI - 25 (Sinclair station-beware)
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I was listening to WFLA in Pamana City and their stream is now just streaming dead air after a couple of minutes of simulcasting WJHG-TV.

A couple of mins later, WJHG was on-air when you could hear the wind and what appeared to be a crash. They went off-air.
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Really wow. I knew NBC generally geo-blocked their affiliates. Wasnt aware the others have caught on. But it could be just the OKC affiliates.

I think it's mostly the groups that take the decision, rather than it being a network/affiliate issue.

I've found TEGNA stations have mostly been blocked since early this year, Tribune took theirs off around the same time.
It's the whole sites thater are blocked, not just the stream.
I find smaller marked independents and groups like Cox (and Sinclair) are still fine, for now.