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BBC World
So KXAS / NBC 5 in Dallas - Fort Worth launched a kitschy promo for their Texas Storm Fleet . The fleet consists of Storm Ranger (the mobile x-band radar), Texas Thunder Truck (a storm chasing F-250), Weather 1 (a Hummer), Weather 2 (a standard ENG Van) and Texas Sky Ranger (an R44 Helicopter). The promo is light hearted and based on a trucker movie called Convoy .

Here's a link to the over the top promo.

And the behind the scenes photos from the shooting of the promo.

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Thats horrible. Thankfully these 1min long promo hardly if ever actually make it air. Typically most stations will only use these as 5 to 10 second bumpers. This one is pretty bad though. Geez. The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex isnt any stranger to tornadoes, downtown Fort Worth was hit in 2000...and i dont have a problem with them touting their capabilities....but come on.
Fort Worth 2000

Dallas 2010

Fairly insignificant tornado associated with the same storm as storm above, but fascinating nonetheless.
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BBC World
I'm sure the minute long one has already aired a few times during local newscasts. They probably have a 30" cut of it as well.

This was likely designed for Facebook and for their webstream in lieu of commercials.

I'd also imagine that it could have aired in primetime as well instead of network promotions. The networks have promoswaps with stations where instead of airing a spot for an upcoming show during primetime the station can air a spot of their own in exchange network promotions would air during local programming.

Edit : They also likely spent way too much money producing this ad for it to only air a few times. If I had to guess this would have been a multi day shoot given all the different locations. The chase helicopter alone probably cost a few thousand dollars a day plus how ever much the camera car cost.

Reportedly in the late 90s early 2000s WCBS spent about a $1 million for a boxing themed weather promo that had a large cast of extras.

I wonder if they made a Telemundo version of this.
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21 year old Melanie Segard became the first presenter in France with Downs Syndrome to co-present a weather bulletin on France 2 on Tuesday evening after an online petition gained 200,000 signatures in France. France 2 and BFMTV offered her the opportunity to work on one of their bulletins. She went with France 2 who gave her four days of training.

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Nippon TV, Ohayo Tenki, December 1989:

Early morning weather program airing in the Kanto region in the late 1980s. Japanese TV weather graphics accompanied by presenter in the newsroom studio and seasonal pop songs.

Back in the day commercial stations in Tokyo started early morning programs as early as 5 am due to the domino effect where urban residents move to the suburbs and they need to commute to work early. Now (in Kanto region) they start as early as 4 am or 4:30 am, but elsewhere is 5 am. Similar to Japan is the United States where local early morning shows as early as 5 am start in the 1990s and later as early as 4:30 am in late 2000s.
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Central (East) East Midlands Today
Live Tornado Coverage from WSB ATLANTA as a tornado warned storm approaches the worlds busiest airport and downtown and midtown Atlanta


I had "fun" being right in the middle of that last week. Back in the UK now thankfully!

It also sent the temperature down from 26 to 13- which people out there thought was "cold"- they wouldn't cope over here!
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