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dbl9,244 posts since 11 Jun 2004
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Anyone know how London Live’s coverage was?

And not a peep about this on their Twitter either. Has the operation become so wound down and strapped for cash they can't do the basics of journalism?

London Live should just disappear, glad we still have the PSBs.
Mike W4,937 posts since 30 Apr 2006
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How the BBC and ITV regional bulletins covered yesterday's attack on their main bulletins.



I notice the BBC's customisable titles came into play, though the timing is a touch off near the end.

It's quite impressive really, the old titles were customisable but not nearly as easily as these.

A personal note, nice to see A530 on the first frame - Oscar the dog would've earned his money Friday!
Oh it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you...