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This may come to nothing ' MAJOR". but there has been a stabbing and shooting at London Bridge and all networks are covering. Rebecca Jones is simulcasting on BBC World News and BBC News Channel.

EDIT: Police say several people injured.
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Think BBC are providing pool images from the helicopter, a couple of their choppers reported in the air by FlightRadar. Watched an online stream of Fox News earlier and they were using them, although it didn’t look like they were taking the images directly from Sky News like they usually do.
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Appears to have grabbed the attention of many agencies. Rolling coverage on BBC News, Sky News, Al Jazeera & CNN. France 24 have stayed with their pre-recorded programme with ticker updates, whilst RT has live footage showing in the bottom right corner. Both are likely to start rolling coverage from 15:00. On radio, BBC Radio 5 Live have stayed with Elis James & John Robins, telling people to wait for the TOTH update, whilst LBC & LBC News have rolling coverage.
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Sky's Andy Hughes seems first with the news but he had to issue a quick correction regarding a explosion at Borough Market which he reported then retracted - some unconfirmed reports of a UN-exploded device being found there through.
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CNNi are now simulcasting CNN Domestic which is stupid! It should be CNNi who run the simulcast. ugh!
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