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Stuart7,592 posts since 13 Oct 2003
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I'm surprised that nobody mentioned this little bit of funnery that the Newsnight team had on Tuesday about the announcement of the departure of Mr Katz, after being "snatched" by Channel 4.

Their end credits were humorously amended . . .
bilky asko5,798 posts since 9 Sep 2006
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Humorously amended to have the copyright year as 2018?

I hadn't noticed that.

I laughed at the hook coming in to remove his name. I thought he was leaving in December 2017?

Perhaps you should watch it again.

I saw (and heard) the crook the first time. I found the Roman Numerals to be more noteworthy, though if he's starting at Channel 4 in January maybe it's intentional.

I think they should have had Paul Hollywood dressed as Rich Uncle Pennybags, tempting the name away with a bundle of £50 notes baked into a sourdough shaped like the Channel 4 logo, followed by an evil laugh, and a booming voice speaking the word "wrath" as a picture of Ian Katz appeared with the caption "devil incarnate", with a satanic verse replacing the copyright date.

Must have been BBC cuts that prevented it.