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JCB2,122 posts since 21 Sep 2004
Well, I just watched a whole lot of different networks' coverage between 6.00 and 7.30pm, including the BBC Six, CNN, Fox News, ITV 6.30 and Channel 4 News, and without doubt the best coverage came from ITV News. The American networks were totally OTT - CNN with Richard Quest and Fox constantly saying "this is it, we're in trouble". I thought the BBC was a bit understated at 6.00pm; Channel 4 was decent but not brilliant; whilst ITV News had 3 strong VTs on the immediate developing story, the political implications, some meteorology as well as a couple of live OBs. ITV always seem to do a good job with big stories, especially surprising since their resources are nothing compared to other broadcasters.

Isn't everyone getting rather over excited ? 75 mph guests ? You get that on 'regular' stormy days in western areas of the UK ?

There's always one!
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If things start to really deteriorate, do you think the NC will take ABC World News live at 11.30pm or just show it at 01.30am?

If it gets really bad would it not be better to stick with their own live coverage, even if it means not showing ABC World News at all.
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Having just viewed News at Ten's coverage on ITV, I do agree with itsrobert that the tone and coverage of the story was just right. It was given enough coverage to indicate that it is a truly serious event - but there was no hype or "over-coverage" that one might find, say, on the BBC NC (I saw a fair bit of their coverage this morning and found it quite everything quite blasť). I know some of you will disagree with me, but the mix on NaT tonight was just perfect, and quite honestly represents how engaging and informative ITV News can actually be during these kinds of stories. It's not often!